What is the Inner Warrior Tribe

I’m under the firm belief that if a person is given the knowledge, the motivation, the opportunity and most especially is held accountable, then that person can do anything he or she sets their mind to.

In today’s professional world, the skills needed to get ahead are not specifically taught in school nor in training workshops. Sure, most people are taught how to write a business letter or develop a budget, but they are not taught how to network with people or how to develop a strong growth mindset.

I think back to when I graduated from college and started my first “real” job and how I felt like a fish out of water. I truly was learning on the job, not just with the job duties specifically, but also with navigating the professional world.

Self-confidence is built on the foundation of knowledge and consistent action with reinforcing motivation and encouragement. So it only makes sense that people in the professional world that are unsure of how to navigate networking, job promotion, client onboarding and so many other tasks, will ultimately feel less self-confident if they have never been shown the what or the how to actively participate and thus, show up.

Over the past 25+ years, I have had to navigate the professional world with no real examples to follow, sometimes stumbling along until I discovered the best method for me. Many times, fear was the leading emotion and embarrassment soon followed.

How many of you out there can relate?

About 3 years ago, an idea took root in my mind.  The idea was born out of the initial frustration of not getting any interviews (not even a human calling me) during my job search for a high school teaching position in Houston. It was soon after, I literally got mad and stopped looking, instead deciding to focus back on my photography business. It was at that time that I remembered something i had heard a year or so prior, “If you don’t get invited to a seat at the table, then build your own damn table”.

So, I did!

For so many years, I have seen people who ultimately were really smart, but lacked the self-confidence and knowledge of what to do to actually push themselves ahead at work or in their business.

My main goal with Inner Warrior Tribe is to help YOU show up with a consistency.

This group will help you…

  • Gain more professional knowledge
  • Grow your self-confidence
  • Change your mindset
  • Encourage you and qualify you to take more opportunities
  • And hold you accountable in the best way possible with myself and the private community.

Once you join The Inner Warrior Tribe, you’ll immediately start learning more professional knowledge with our monthly action plan and group coaching.  More knowledge and more self-confidence means you show up more at work and in business with more success. I know there is a lot of “mores” in there without the marshmallows. I got you!

In the event, you’re not sure what The Inner Warrior Tribe IS exactly, I am here to give you the 4…1…1…

Each month you get access to:

  • Group Coaching from Sandy
  • Private Community of other professionals
  • Monthly Action Plan
  • Weekday (and sometimes weekend) bits of advice, motivation, etc.

Plus more exciting stuff currently in the creation stage.

So tell me, will I see you inside The Inner Warrior Tribe?

I sure hope so!

👉🏻 P.S. If you’re not sure that the Inner Warrior Tribe is right for you, sign up for my newsletter >>HERE<< to learn more valuable stuff each week.

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