Sandy’s my mood uplifter. Whenever I go to a meeting led by Sandy, I come away energized with ideas and action items to take me forward. And I’ve seen people blossom after spending time with Sandy. So, whenever there is a meeting with Sandy, I try not to miss it.


Two words I describe Sandy: SHARP TACK. I love her inspiration and grit-like attitude to empower her students to succeed. Sandy’s genuine and authentic personality comes through the computer screen and that is special.


Sandy is a wonderful instructor. She is warm, energetic, and authentic. Her classes are informative and well organized. Sandy has been a significant influence on how I approach searching for and obtaining a job. Sandy’s classes have been highly motivating and incredibly helpful.


If integrity and authenticity had a face, one would see Sandy smiling brilliantly. Passionate, driven, steadfastly committed and inherently empathetic with others. Sandy’s natural gifts know no limits, and she pulls zero punches when it comes to her work ethic and delivery. When Sandy speaks with you, she has a way of addressing that which goes unsaid, but most is important. She is a spark of motivation, inspiration, and relentless innovation. The world is a brighter place with her in it.

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